Some warning sings of the religious spirit.

Some warning signs of the religious spirit in the church today.

  • Inability to take correction and rebuke. Being defensive and argumentative, acting hurt and the refusal to submit to authority.
  • Our prayer life becomes mechanical. We feel relief at the end of our prayer. We pray the same thing at the same time every day with no spontaneity.
  • Defining the Christian life in terms of performance rather than the heart. (Discipline and will power are good, but when we take pride in what we do the religious spirit will take root in our lives).
  • We begin to feel closer to God than others.
  • We feel our group is on the cutting edge.
  • We have a critical and judgmental spirit.
  • Leadership becomes bossy, authoritative and intolerant.
  • We are given to exaggeration about spiritual matters.
  • We try and make physical manifestations occur in every meeting, every time. (In fact this drives away the presence of God and the power of the Spirit is nullified).
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