Guest: Joel Mcneilly – Chaos VS Order

In the creation story in Genesis 1, the earth is described as “formless and empty” with “darkness lying upon the face of the deep.”

The world was in an uncreated state, darkness was the only thing that existed, yet even it was an allusion, not existing in its own right, but instead being the absence of Light. For example turn a light on in a pitch black room and the illusion of darkness is broken. Darkness was never created by God, it was the state of being pre creation. It is uncreated matter. Many would identify the world we live in now with this state of pre creation darkness.

Even Christians, who are suppose to have the most hope of all, seem to be caught up in the “darkness” of the world. However the story didn’t end in the darkness…the Trinity uttered the words “Let there be Light….AND there was Light.”

Ok so that was then…but what about the fall of man? What about sin?

This is where the story gets interesting!

In the beginning, God spoke the Word and there was Light.

John 1 reveals that Jesus was the very Word of creation spoken in the beginning, when God shouted across the darkness ‘let there be Light’, that Light was the person of Jesus.

The Word of God (Jesus) who was with God in the beginning was spoken over the world. AND THERE WAS LIGHT! Jesus created all things, it’s all about Him, and guess what it’s also about you! Why? Because you have never once existed separate from Him!

We were in Him before the creation of the world! (Eph 1:4) Our true identity reflects the exact likeness of Jesus, all of mankind came into being through Him.

John 1 “through Him everything came into being and without Him nothing that exists came into being. In Him was Life, and the Life was the Light of men.”

Final thought…

Jesus stated “I am the Light of the world”

But also said “You are the Light of the world!” I imagine this would have been a controversial statement, and truthfully it still is! How can we apparent “mere mortals” be the light of the world!? Jesus understood something we have failed to recognise, humanity and God are permanently intertwined! Something changed in the death and recreation of humanity in His resurrection! Death and sin forever defeated!

We are the Light of the world, it’s our nature, our origin in the Divine revealed at last! If you see the world around you as darkness, void and meaningless, realise that we have the beautiful opportunity to speak Light into the darkness, to speak creative order into the chaos.

Creation isn’t waiting for Jesus to return, it’s waiting for the “revealing of the sons of God.” When we are revealed in the earth, the recreation of all which happened on the cross becomes manifest on earth. As we awaken to our identity “creation itself will be liberated from its enslavement to decay into the glorious freedom of God’s children.” (Romans 8:19-21)

The world doesn’t need us to do but to BE. It doesn’t need us to preach but to LIVE. It doesn’t need the bible but JESUS.

(Read Genesis 1 and John 1, the writers put it far better than I ever could)

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